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My Story

Throughout the years, I just "knew things" but limited myself from sharing because of the odd looks and awkward words that would follow. I was odd, didn't quite fit in and my desire to be open and transparent quieted down, this is where I began a long term relationship with depression. I would attempt to find things that satisfied my soul, that brought me peace but I would fail. In 2016, after my marriage failed, I finally faced myself. I remember seeing a broken soul who desperately wanted to reclaim herself. Every cell in me knew that change was imminent.

As I evolved and my ego broke down, I began to see, read people and know outcomes. I sought to vibrate higher but struggled with being consistent. I encountered a catalyst in my life through a random serendipitous moment in 2020, this is when I met my twin flame. This moment led me to begin to break away from my old beliefs, learn to take back my power and pursue my true calling. Once again in 2021, after an encounter with my twin flame, I experienced a kundalini ascension that led to a deep energetic transformation which sparked a curiosity and need to explore different spiritual topics and courses. Here my journey into meditation, manifestation, inner child reintegration, reiki, mediumship, tarot, shadow work, twin flame healing, spirit release therapy, coaching, quantum healing and shamanic work began.


Not only am I committed to my spiritual practices but also to my role as a leader in the earthly community. With over 20 years experience in coaching and organizational psychology as well as business management, I thrive on intuitively running businesses while helping others find their purpose while vibrating higher. I believe that everyone is gifted and encourage everyone to live authentically and embrace their gifts. Let's vibe!

The birth of
Vibrate Higher

Get to Know Us

When Vibrate Higher 11:11 was birthed, I at once began to see a place where a spiritual community could come together whether new or old in the journey to continuously learn. In my mind’s eye, I saw a safe place where modalities and topics
are presented in a simple yet powerfully impactful way. In this platform, we just V.I.B.E. together and approach this journey with curiosity. 

Our Mission

Vibrate Higher 11:11 believes in empowering you to be your most authentic self and exist in your true essence.

Nonjudgement Zone

Teach with ease; we make room for grace as we journey through healing your multidimensional past trauma.

Fierceness Encouraged

We believe that power lies within and is accessible to everyone through awareness and accountability.

Intuitive Integration

We activate your inner truth and encourage you to follow your inner compass to live connected to the 5D.


Our Vision

better world

I visualize a world where we all exude kindness and everyone is vibrating at the highest


I am passionate about helping the collective deepen their spiritual knowledge and sparking a deep curiosity.

shift paradigms

I envision us all collectively transitioning from the 3D and into the 5D paradigm at our highest timeline.


I aim to connect with the collective while supporting our lightworkers to promote unity and support whether a novice or experienced. 

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