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Light Language: Activation and Healing
Light Language: Activation and Healing

sam. 16 déc.


Online Event

Light Language: Activation and Healing

Annabelle Ivaya channels a light language activation and healing to release anything that doesn’t serve our highest good to enter 2024 with ease.

Heure et lieu

16 déc. 2023, 11:00 – 12:30

Online Event

À propos de l'événement

My life wasn’t always easy. I have gone through a lot in my life: family trauma such as violence, codependence, mental health and addictions, personal trauma (sexual, physical, emotional, financial), had many toxic relationships, low self-esteem, people pleasing, and putting myself last, always.

I have always been an empath, someone that knew how people felt just by entering the room, someone that could morph myself in what I thought pople wanted from me to make sure to avoid any fight or argument. It was handy as a child, I knew how to receive positive attention, but as I grew older, I had no idea of the person I truly was. I didn’t know what was important to me, what made me lite up inside, what did Annabelle truly wanted in her life…

After an awakening process that intensified in 2015 & pushed me to the edge, where nothing made sense in my life anymore, I was forced to review my whole life and way of living, thinking and feeling, to find my alignment within.

Then, I felt strong enough to welcome soul aligned people into my life, a new career path so much more in tune with my true essence, a new lifestyle. All of this came along with the healing process that took place in the last decade.

I learned how to embody love, compassion and acceptance towards myself, and then my life changed radically!

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    Activation and Healing

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