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Welcome to Vibrate Higher 11:11

It's a whole V.I.B.E.



Are your social media accounts full of picture perfect moments which aren't your reality?

🗝️ Unlock the power of vibrational sovereignty.


Do you experience hopelessness, fear, or shame? Depressed? Feeling invisible?

🗝️ Unlock the power of commitment to self.


Feeling slightly off?

Overburdened & unmotivated?

Tired of being sick and tired?

🗝️Unlock the power of inner fulfillment.


Having a difficult time letting go to something bigger than you?

Cloudy thoughts?
🗝️ Unlock the power of deep surrender.

My Background

Holistic Healer

Welcome, I’m thrilled that you've been led here.

I’m a holistic healer who'd like to walk alongside you as you find your truest self,

uncover how to be fearless and begin to live a life you truly love.

Let's find what sparks your soul, keeps you in a constant state of joy and aligns you to your purpose.

Are you ready to begin accessing higher levels of satisfaction, discover true essence and invest in yourself?

Book a session below.


Twin Flame Check

"My connection check with Cristina was such an affirming and healing experience - she was able to accurately pick up on emotional and physical issues that my person and I were dealing with, and I believe the clearing created space for us to come into deeper union afterwards. Her intuition is spot on and she so lovingly held space for the emotions I was carrying. The acknowledgement alone was so validating and much needed."
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